This is how you can turn any entrepreneurial vision into a quality project, while strictly keeping quality, health, safety, budget, and timeline requirements.

Top Engineering will Stand by your Project from Inception to Full Functionality

Our professionals are actively involved in every aspect of the projects we run. Our multidisciplinary management guarantees perfect coordination between all parts of the project: from Feasibility Study and Due Diligence, through Architectural and MEP Design, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Hand Over, to Closeout, Liability Period and well after if required. Enhancive supervision prevents work errors and planning deviations, and ensures real-time quality results while standing in budget and timeline requirements.

Construction phase management and Supervision

  • Health & safety management and supervision.
  • Professional guidance and supervision over contractors.
  • Quality control over construction materials, equipment, and products.
  • Coordination between the different contractors and professions.
  • Budget control.
  • Conducting regular (usually weekly) site meetings with contractors, architects and consultants.
  • Routine progress reports.
  • Timeline management and supervision.
  • Cash flow management and supervision.
  • Approval of contractors' bills.
  • Verification of contractor's obligations fulfillment (according to contractual scope of work).
  • Management of Snag/Punch lists in the final stages of construction.
  • Management and supervision of all required certifications and occupation approvals.
  • Commissioning and handover.

Efficient management focused on success

Liability Period

• Managing routine inspections during the liability period.
• Managing operational and functionality inspections of the building and its infrastructures
• Managing repairs during the liability period.