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We provide a wide range of works and construction services, while maintaining strict planning, professional supervision, quality control, adhering to deadlines and meeting all project requirements. The company is also listed as an operational contractor with appropriate classification for the projects it carries out.
Top Engineering employs engineers and professionals with extensive experience in project management in the construction industry in many fields. At the company's disposal are leading professional consultants in Israel, who specialize in all areas of construction and various systems.

The company was established in 2005 to provide a comprehensive, professional and high-quality project management solution,
Commercial and public and providing engineering and management services that include planning management, budgetary control, project safety and hygiene management, formulation and schedule management, assistance in communications with building owners, planners and contractors, and supervision in the construction of projects.
Our company has extensive experience working for Israeli and international companies

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CEO and founder of the company, he started 25 years ago. A leader, leader and trailblazer with extensive experience in project management on a large and significant scale, Amit serves as CEO and owner of Top Engineering, which was established in 2005 and leads the real estate market in Israel in office, laboratory, commercial and industrial areas for the largest domestic and international companies in the economy. "When desire, desire and ability meet, vision becomes reality."

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Amit Silberstein


Holds a Bsc Degree In Structural Engineering And a BA Degree In Economics. Has worked in the industry since 1995 including project execution engineer. Hadar is known as a field man who goes into the smallest details alongside big picture vision, with rich experience in all types of buildings and disciplines, in all sectors of construction, in contract management and working with authorities and planning bodies. Hadar's extensive experience ensures that no field is "off limits."


Hadar Kantor


He has a rich history and extensive professional knowledge in the field of supervision. Acting out of vocation, perfectionism and love of the profession.


Omri Ben Best

Director of Field Planning and Supervision of Offices and laboratories

He leads the department to high-level achievements, with an emphasis on listening to the customer's wishes, courtesy and professionalism.


Eliran Hazot

Director of Shopping Malls and Public Buildings

Executive director of the company for 7 years. The family feeling within the company and in front of the customers is worth everything to me. Try to work with heart and soul and the results come accordingly.

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Khaled Salama

Executive Director
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