Amit Zilberstein.

Leading the company’s path in light of his personal, professional vision: to provide each client with professional and management services which not only match today’s standards – but tomorrow’s. Amit gained over 20 years of experience in managing medium and grand scale construction projects: industrial areas, hotels, office buildings, laboratories, and more. He is a hands-on project manager, involved with every aspect of the project, and prefers keeping close contact with the client. Amit’s management style guarantees the company’s clients enjoy a high level of professionalism and personal service directly from the company’s CEO.

Hadar Kantor.

Building Engineering B.Sc., Economics BA. Involved in the construction field since 1995, served in various positions, including operations engineer in many construction projects. Hadar gained a reputation of a field-man who pays attention the smallest of details and can fit them all into a bigger picture. His professional experience includes working on many types of projects for various purposes and market segments, managing contracts and work agreements with planning professionals, official authorities, and more. Hadar’s multidisciplinary background and keen attention to details ensure his capability to handle every aspect of every project.